Tekashi6ix9ine's last Instagram post made it seem as though a big career move is in order. Today, the artist shared a clip on the social media platform that included some remarks about his love for singing. He confessed his desire to transition from a rapping to one as a singer with a video that starts with his saying, " I don't want to rap no more." He ends his little speech with an acknowledgment of his singing talent:" I know I got it in me. I got a little something." Then he proceeds to sing Mario's "Let me Love You", squeaking through parts of the song's first verse. He repeats lyrics like a broken record that has gone haywire since he switches keys when he has no business modulating anything. It's pure entertainment, really.

Based on his tone, it's unclear whether the kid has any singing talent. The chances of his being tone deaf are quite low though, given his music career. The clip is widely interpreted as his latest comedic bit. Before this, he was trying to get the gullible to believe that he was 2pac's reincarnation. This little stunt might be his way of "cheering himself up" after Mexico lost to Brasil in the World Cup tournament.