The Tekashi 6ix9ine situation has been fascinating to follow. Initially, he was a controversial figure for his involvement in a sex crime with a minor, which for all intents and purposes, will probably haunt him for a while. Then, the Blood-affiliated rapper began claiming that he did not need to check in with rival gangs. And then, today, he ended up in a street fight outside of LAX. Tekashi's name is all over the place and it's for mostly the wrong reasons unless you believe that any publicity is good publicity. However, at this point, his actions could be endangering him and his fans, and venues have started to beef up security or cancel his shows.

Much like his shows over NBA All-Star Weekend, an upcoming April show has been canceled in Pennsylvania. 6ix9ine was scheduled to perform at the Ali Baba Liquor Lounge in Wilkes-Barre, but after protests from locals regarding his criminal record, the gig has since been canceled. This could become an ongoing trend for Tekashi 6ix9ine concerts as either a fear of gang retaliation or his past of sexual misconduct are persistently creating problems for his music career.

The rainbow-haired rapper is dropping his long-awaited debut mixtape Day69 in a few days, and while he claims this mess has not been a publicity stunt, it has definitely been keeping his name in the news. Hopefully, nobody is hurt during this entire ordeal as it seems to be heading in that direction.