Tekashi 6ix9ine is no stranger to the haters, and the New York rapper has often found his name associated with one controversy or another. Even yesterday, after Yams Day was cancelled mid-show over alleged gunfire, people were quick to blame Tekashi; rumors spread that the young rapper's beef with Casanova led to him getting shot, beat down, and a variety of other misfortunes. Later, Tekashi dispelled any rumors of his involvement, proving that he was all right, and paying his respects to the late A$AP Yams. Still, the fact that his name came up in the first place shows that there are plenty out there praying for his downfall, and 6ix9ine is welll are of it. 

Now, Tekashi has penned a lengthy message to his haters, backing it up with footage from a viral "Mom REACTS to 6IX9ine - GUMMO" video. The clip, which features a woman ripping into Tekashi for just about everything, is juxtaposed with shots of his numerous Gold certifications and sold out concerts. In the caption, Tekashi vents a little, but ultimately remains optimistic about his future:

"To be honest coming into this game everyone knows I'm the most hated. And I learned to love that shit. I love the fact that no one wanted to see me win. The fact that people hoped and prayed that the fake rape allegations will bring my career down it makes me so happy for them to see me where I'm at now. It hurts them under there skin. I love that shit. 😭😭😭😭😭 WE GO 4 FOR 4 ‼️"

Whether you love him or you hate him, you can't deny that Tekashi is experiencing some serious upward mobility. It wouldn't be surprising to see him drop a full length debut album this year.