Earlier today, news surfaced that Tekashi 6ix9ine left his outrageously expensive jigsaw chain in the backseat of an uber car, ultimately losing out on $300,000 dollars of its value. While many people & haters were probably happy to see the NYC rapper take a L for a couple hours, it turns out the chain is back in Tekashi’s possession now. On Friday night, the NYC rapper hopped back on IG live and informed us that his chain was indeed returned by the Uber driver.

Tekashi also chalked up the returned chain as karma for all the so-called good he’s done in the world. “The Uber driver was so kind. I do so much good things for the world that I feel like its karma,” he said. “Karma came back to me and was ‘Tekashi is such a good human being’ that the Uber driver would have a good heart and return that chain,” he added. “I don't take no fuckin L’s” he then emphatically screamed into the camera.

This chain incident is just the latest of Tekashi’s on-going problems. It was reported yesterday that the NYC rapper knowingly slept with underage girl, but he reportedly didn't care.

Check out the clip of Tekashi talking about his returned chain below via DJ Akademiks (be sure to swipe right for more clips).