Tekashi 6ix9ine chose the Breakfast Club as the venue to explain his decision to fire everybody and cancel his tour. Now bear with me, my non-linear brain doesn't fully understand Tekashi's fragmented logic, so I'll present his explanation in bulletin points. That way we can piece it together, together.

My understanding is that Tekashi is wary of shady promoters and booking agents, which he expressed in so many words: "There's so much money out there to be stolen, you know what I'm saying." He didn't stop there.

Tekashi mentioned a booking agency by name, "MTA Booking" out of Los Angeles. His claim is that entities like "MTA Booking" are simply scared his presence will incite violence, forcing them to demand an additional allowance for "heightened" security.

It all comes down to dollars and sense: more money spent on security, less in Tekashi 6ix9ine's pocket. It's rather obvious, Tekashi would rather pull the plug on his bookings than be a victim of circumstance, hence why his personnel came off the books.

So far so good?

According to Tekashi, law enforcement is very much involved in his affairs. His belief is that local police are working with promoters in a mutually beneficial relationship, put in place to skim money from his profit-share. Call me crazy, but Tekashi's logic kind of adds up.