When you think of 6ix9ine, you probably picture his obnoxiously-colored rainbow hair and teeth in your mind. The man has built a brand off of a combination of his unique image, his stylistic blend of different musical genres, and his Instagram trolling. Currently on a trip to Dubai, Tekashi has been keeping his fans updated with his latest stunting news. Yesterday, the artist revealed that he had spent $50K after spending just 10 minutes inside the Gucci store. Some would say that he's being financially irresponsible but considering all of the success he's experienced this year, his paychecks are probably looking larger than life. Who knows how long he'll be in Dubai but 6ix9ine is actually driving around in a custom rainbow Ferrari while he's overseas.

In a place where nearly everybody drives an expensive whip, it can be hard to outdo the residents of Dubai. Unless your name is Tekashi 6ix9ine, that is. While riding through the desert, Tekashi decided to take a break so he could snap a photo for Instagram. We should have anticipated this but the car he's driving is probably the most colorful whip we've ever seen. Incorporating all shades and colors of the rainbow, 6ix9ine is truly riding around in style. Perhaps he'll have the car brought back to the States because, if not, it potentially seems like a waste of a lot of money.

Once again, he outdoes himself. The artist has been teasing a new single dropping on Sunday. Whether it's the rumored "STOOPID" or another joint is yet to be determined.