For a little while, 6ix9ine was staying quiet and keeping himself out of trouble, refraining from beginning any unnecessary beefs. However, much like his "real father" 50 Cent, he just can't resist the urge of stirring up shit. At this point, anybody you can think of has been embroiled in a feud with Tekashi at one point during the last six months. He has been known to gloat about going seven for seven on the Billboard charts but he hasn't necessarily taken many L's in his battles with fellow rappers either. Tempting his current rivals to face him man-to-man, 6ix9ine decided to make a positive change in people's lives, donating meals to the less fortunate in Chicago.

Casually stating, "we gonna feed the homeless or whatever" while carrying a large box of food, the New Yorker trashed Chicago rappers for not giving back to their own communities. On 6ix9ine's earlier post declaring his arrival in Chi City, Lil Reese chimed in as one of the main faces the colorful Brooklynite has taken issue with. Reese commented, "you in the airport stop tryna make it seem like you out here in these streets bro you didn't even make this vid today." However, it appears as though Tekashi actually is in Chicago and it was filmed today as his video giving out meals shows him wearing the same grey hat and red hoodie.

Maybe Chief Keef will finally catch up with him since he has seemingly been traveling around the country from New York to Los Angeles, looking for 6ix9ine everywhere he goes.