In case you missed it earlier, NYC rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was involved in a massive brawl outside LAX Wednesday afternoon presumably for his recent gang affiliation & comments made while out in Los Angeles this past weekend. Well ironically right before the fight went down, TMZ caught up with the controversial rapper, where he talked about gun control & violence in rap.

When asked about him having guns in his video, following the wake of last week’s school shooting in Parkland, Tekashi says rap music shouldn't be blamed for the violence & culture.

“Its not the rap music. Its just us showing where we live, ya know what Im saying? Us showing our lifestyle,” he said. “People looking at it saying 'this is bad this is bad, this is all bad,' but they don't know this is showing our environment.”

Then when asked his thoughts on gun control, Tekashi added that every city is different, but he believes guns should be taken out of kids’ hands. “I think guns should be taken out of kids hands. I know a lot of kids,” he said before shying away from talking further on the topic.

Following this interview, Tekashi would coincidentally get involved in that brawl outside LAX, where he would walk away injury free. At the time, many people started suggesting that fight might’ve been staged in order to promote his upcoming album that drops Friday, but Tekashi has since debunked those rumors.

Check out Tekashi’s interview before the brawl via TMZ (below) and be sure to revisit the fight itself right here if you missed it.