Tekashi 6ix9ine has been showing his soft side lately. The rapper's latest expression of kindness is found in his celebration of his mother's birthday. 

A video was uploaded to his Instagram account, showing how generous of a son he is. The camera follows the rainbow-haired dude to a table at which his mother sits. Her eyes are covered by a homie as a cake is placed in front of her. Tekashi sets down stacks of cash around the desert. When it seems like he is done, he retrieved more banded bills from his bag and adds to the collection. There was no caption needed for this one.

His mother receives this gift silently, without acknowledging the camera. Although she doesn't seem surprised by the extravagant gesture, the 55-year-old shows appreciation as she hugs her child with tears in her eyes.

This moment must be bittersweet for the family as 69 faces legal issues. The money might not provide much solace for the mom's worry since the New York native is facing jail time.

We've also seen Tekashi's generous side when he visited a 5-year-old cancer patient on behalf of the Make A Wish Foundation. The kid was left smiling with a ring the size of his eyeballs.