It's no secret that rappers love their diamonds. They'll put them on everything, from their watches to their teeth, in order to try and flex harder than the next man. Diamonds, however, can be expensive, and if you want to live the lifestyle of a famous rap artist, you better be able to pay your bills. 

Tekashi 6ix9ine is much the same, constantly showing off his expensive jewelry in videos and on Instagram. However, it appears that some of the ice that Tekashi has been rocking may not have been paid for.

The owner of Trax NYC, a jewelry store in New York, posted a video today of Tekashi at the store, copping a diamond chain necklace. The video then cuts to a video of the owner, saying that he appreciated Tekashi's business, but that Tekashi owes him $25K for a diamond bracelet that he apparently never paid for, but has been seen wearing in videos and at shows. With no way of contacting him, the owner felt he had no choice but to make a public video asking him for his money.

He even gives Tekashi the choice to return the bracelet if he doesn't want to pay for it, which is a very generous offer. No response from Tekashi as of yet, but knowing him, he's bound to answer sooner or later. The owner still seems open to taking Tekashi's business but it would probably be smart to ask for money up-front in the future. Check out the video from Trax NYC below.