In March of this year, Snow Billy, an associate of Tekashi 6ix9ine, was taken down by the cops for a RICO case of his own. As you know, it's pretty difficult to beat racketeering charges. 6ix9ine's former manager Shotti ended up being sentenced to fifteen years in prison and, right now, we're all waiting to find out how long Harv and Mack get in their kidnapping trial. Eventually, we'll find out when 6ix9ine is due to leave prison but we're not exactly there yet. According to OnSmash, a Treyway affiliate has officially been released from his own separate legal battle, posting updates to his social media after he got home.

Snow Billy has been vocal about his thoughts on Tekashi. He hasn't really thrown the rainbow-haired rapper under the bus but in his new book 69 Shots, he explains the rise and fall of the gang. After fighting for his freedom all year, Snow is officially back in the streets and informing his followers that he's currently on house arrest.

"HOME SWEAT HOME," captioned Snow Billy on a video of himself walking out of the bus. He later paid a visit to his attorney Lance Lazarro, who also famously reps 6ix9ine. "GOD IS GOOD🙏 #MillionDollarBail #MillionDollarLawyers," he added.

Welcome home, Snow Billy. Maybe your old friend will be joining you soon.