Teenear Links With F$O Dinero On "Dolla $igns" Remix

Mitch Findlay
March 31, 2020 13:06

HNHH PREMIERE: Slip-N-Slide's Teenear unites with F$O Dinero for a remix of "Dolla $igns," complete with some new visuals.

Today, we're excited to present the new music video from Slip-N-Slide's very own Teenear, one of the rising voices in the Florida R&B scene. Following her recent collaboration with Lil Baby on "I Like It," the Miami-based singer has continued to look toward the future, planting the seeds for her ambitions to manifest. 

"The ultimate goal is to create a brand that's much bigger than life itself, so that when I'm gone, people still remember me for what I did here," she explains, citing film and television as a potential avenue to explore. "I aspire to be more than an R&B singer." For now, however, Teenear remains content to continue expanding on that foundation. Linking up with F$O Dinero for "Dolla $ign" remix, Teenear showcases both a versatile voice and a commanding on-screen presence. 

Though brief in runtime, there's plenty of vibes to be found throughout the revised version of "Dolla $ign." The mood is enhanced by the colorful yet intimate visuals, which blend in-studio performance footage with cinematic clips of a pearl-clad Teenear. Be sure to check it out now, and keep an eye out on our YouTube channels for more exclusive music videos. Are you feeling this collaboration? 

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