Beyonce and Jay Z have some very loyal fans. Probably some of the biggest fans in the game, which is why Bey gets people (like Tiffany Haddish) to sign non-disclosure forms when they are in her presence because she wants to control the information the Beyhive receives. If by any chance the couple was looking to award someone for their loyalty, then they need to get a hold of 18-year-old Zemarcuis Devon Scott.

According to the Texarkana Gazette, Zemarcuis got arrested at the Texarkana Regional Airport for attempting to steal a plane and fly to a Bey and Jay concert in a nearby city. The publication says Zemarcuis told authorities that he didn't think the task was too large because he thought all that had to be done was push some buttons and pull a lever. 

The teen has been charged with commercial burglary and attempted theft of property with a value greater than $25,000. He could be punished with a minimum of three to 10 years in prison and with a fine of up to $10,000. He's currently being held at Miller County jail with bail set at $25,000.