In the aftermath of the Florida high school shooting that left 17 dead and many other injured, society must take precaution to ensure that a tragedy of that magnitude does not happen again. 

A South Carolina teen, who received a Snapchat from one of his classmates toting what appeared to be a rifle with a caption that read "round 2 of Florida tomorrow," was a little alarmed at the prospect that one of his classmates could actually perpetrate such a crime. The unidentified high schooler notified his father of the incriminating image he had just been sent, who immediately called the police to report the alleged threat, according to the New York Post

Authorities rushed to the suspect's home, and upon further investigation, had discovered that the "rifle" that he was holding was actuality a pellet gun. The teen insisted that he was joking, and that he was not actually going to follow through with any maniacal plans, but the police were not amused. Officials had informed the Broome High School student and his parents that he was guilty of a violation, even though his intentions were nonexistant. 

The teen is awaiting an arraignment and was eventually charged with school disturbance. He has seen been placed in the Department of Juvenile Justice in Greenville for the time being.