Tee Grizzley may have spent some time in jail over an attempted jewelry store robbery, but now that he's free, it's clear that he's a changed man. His smash hit "First Day Out" left a solid first impression, which he followed by the underrated debut mixtape My Moment. While he was somehow overlooked for XXL Freshman Class, Tee Grizzley has been racking up publicity with his unique blend of humility and talent. 

In a new interview with Pigeons and Planes, Tee Grizzley spoke about his come-up, listening to Detroit hip-hop with his uncles and basking in the familiarity within the lyrics. When asked about the album that "changed his life," Tee Grizzley reflected on a moment before going in depth:

"It's crazy cause it was recent...it was Loso's Way by Fab. That's the first album that I heard where I listened to a whole album and didn't have to skip no songs...He just motivated me that you could make a whole album all the way through. It clicked because like I said I didn't listen to people's cds before...This was like the real first album where I listened to every song."

It's always interesting to hear an artist talk about the album as an art-form, especially in this era of singles and instant streaming. For those who don't know, Loso's Way (2009) was a loosely conceptual album similar in narrative to Jay-Z's American Gangster. Stay tuned for some upcoming music from Tee Grizzley and Fabolous, who were recently seen in studio together