A few days back, Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley and Chicago's Lil Durk represented their respective cities, engaging in a back-and-forth competition of sorts, reflecting on the violent conditions of their respective playing fields. Backed by a menacing instrumental, Tee Grizzley spits lines like "I'm from the city of Kwame, clean up the scene, wipe off the choppers, and drive to the lake and get rid of the bodies," while Durk slides in with Shit, we do not honor no OG, they smoke you and turn you to OG, had that young n***a take that case, he juvy, you must be stupid think you gang gang, boy your ass a goofy." Suffice it to say, the latest single from their collaborative album Bloodas strikes an ominous chord.

Now, the duo have shared the project's album cover, and while we're generally not supposed to draw conclusions from artwork alone, it seems as if things are only going to get darker from here. The project features a savage Grizzly Bear, blood dripping from its bared fangs. Atop its massive head sits a black vulture, beak crimson from blood. Clearly, the bear and vulture are meant to depict Tee Grizzley (the name) and Lil Durk (recently dropped a mixtape called Supa Vultures) respectively, all while making one thing abundantly clear - you won't find comfort here. 

Other than that, we don't really know much else about the project. However, that will change on Friday, December 8th, when Bloodas drops in full.