Last week Tech N9ne announced a release date for his upcoming album Special Effects. The album is due out on May 5th, and while Tech may be putting the finishing touches on it right now, he's still missing one very essential verse. During a live show at the Diamond Ballroom, Tech revealed that he's awaiting a verse from none other than Eminem.

If the verse comes to fruition, this'll be the first time these two lyrical beasts have collaborated. It'll definitely be an event. The track they're collaborating on is set to be "Worldwide Choppers 2," the first of which appeared on All 6's and 7's.

Tech told the audience, "We put our verses on ‘Worldwide Choppers 2′. We are currently awaiting Eminem’s verse. I fucking hope he does it in time because the shit is fucking dope."

The audio is not the best, but you can listen below.