Tech N9ne Reflects On Lil Wayne & Discovering E-40 Is His Cousin

Mitch Findlay
April 18, 2019 12:00

Tech N9ne's "Like I Ain't" breakdown takes fans down memory lane.

Today, we're honored to team up with Tech N9ne for the latest episode of "Between The Lines." Off the bat, Tech breaks down a few of his early grudges, namely that old eternal foe: The Industry. Fans might recall Tech's previous singles like "FTI" and "The Industry Is Punks," drawing back to his heyday. As he so aptly points out, Tech has never taken to slacking on the mic, and those he once disavowed have been forced to take notice. He takes a moment to reflect on his journey, reminiscing on some truly wild concerts. "I used to kick hard," he laughs. "Fuckin ecstasy, shrooms, acid, the fans used to give it to me back in the day. New Year's Eve two years in a row in Seattle Washington back in the day!"

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Clearly, "Like I Ain't" is riddled with humble-brags, a testament to Tech's wide-ranging and impressive career. He takes a moment to pay homage to a fellow Worldwide Choppa, Twista, naming the Chicago rapper as the hierarchal figure of his craft. He reflects on director Nick Cassavetes happening upon his Absolute Power album and using Tech's music in "Alpha Dog." In fact, Cassavetes ultimately loved his music so much, he tasked Tech with scoring the movie alongside Aaron Zigman - despite Tech having never scored a film before. 

"Did it like I wasn't a starter that was on Tha Carter," raps Tech, reminding ya'll that he once held it down in a pivotal role on Lil Wayne's Carter IV. "That was a big thing that Wayne made happen when I came up here to Rikers to visit him. He said 'when I get out it's going to be on.' When he got out, he called us and I went down and recorded "The Interlude" and he put Andre 3000 on it." 

In a shocking hip-hop twist, Tech also reveals that he's related to E-40. "No wonder I like him so much," he laughs. He cites the time E-40 called him, and put Tech's younger cousin Christopher on the phone. "Whatchu doing with E-40?" he recalls asking, only to be told "that's our cousin, Dontez! We all connected!" Tech's stunned reaction says it all. In fact, his affable energy is a constant throughline, and you'd be wise to catch this interview before checking out N9NA tomorrow. Respect to Tech N9ne for this one!

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