There is still a major problem in the United States as far as the virus goes. In multiple states, there have been upwards of one thousand daily new cases confirmed and, as Donald Trump likes to suggest, it's most certainly not simply because there's more testing happening. Other nations have managed to get the situation under control, or at least as much as they can for right now, but in Trump's America, people are still arguing about the right to not wear a mask in public... in August. 

While drive-in concerts have become more popular during the pandemic, some artists are still pushing forward and putting thousands of people's lives at risk by performing regular shows as if there isn't a pandemic happening. The Chainsmokers got a lot of heat for doing it and now, Tech N9ne is being picked apart for it.

Leah Puttkammer/Getty Images

This Saturday, the legendary rapper put on a show for approximately one thousand people in his home state of Missouri, where almost the entirety of the crowd refused to follow social distancing and face mask policies. As you know, mask and social distancing guidelines have been instated to protect us from spreading or contracting the coronavirus. 

The Kansas City native performed at the Regalia Hotel & Conference Center, even despite the state clocking in over a thousand new cases daily as recently as Thursday.