In the past, Lil Uzi Vert has been critiqued by some for his assumed ties to satanic cults and imagery. He's used cover art that borrows from Heaven's Gate cult and has told his fans that they're all going to hell with him. It's no surprise that people actually think that Uzi is the Devil reincarnated. The superstar has rocked an upside-down cross on many occasions, topping off his heavily-tattooed and pierced look with a controversial anti-Christian message. One man that has been criticized for his alleged ties to Satan is Tech N9ne and he's not entirely sure why Uzi isn't getting ripped to shreds right now.

"Excuse my ignorance," said Tech N9ne, "I've never wore an upside down cross out of respect for my elders who follow Christianity and I've never worshipped a devil like people have said I did either but, THIS is an upside down cross on this superstar's neck right? Right! How is he not shunned by the black folks that turned their back on me in 2001 due to my imagery being satanic in their eyes?" Tech went on to say that he's not wishing for Uzi to be blackballed by the community. He's more so pointing out the double standard that is blatantly in front of his eyes. His 2001 record "Devil Boy" was met with much scrutiny so why isn't Uzi's behavior facing the same repercussions?

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