Last we heard, Teairra Mari was going around telling anyone who'd listen that 50 Cent was nothing more than a "washed up old school rapper" while boasting that her lawyers are zoomed up to the fullest. At this point, it's nearly impossible to make out who's on the defensive, or offensive at any given time, without a clear line of conduct to fix our attention over.

The G-Unit mogul is insistent that Mari was never in his bad books before she pulled him into the revenge porn scandal. But If my memory serves me right, wasn't it 50 Cent who uploaded thumbnails of leaked sex tape before they ever came to blows, in and around the courtroom.

With that said, The Blast is reporting that Teairra Mari is blaming her rival 50 Cent for a miscue which landed her a bench warrant in their ongoing legal tussle. For added context, it was 50 Cent who filed the motion which saw their legal case re-opened, in the hopes of securing the $30,000 he was awarded during when the revenge porn suit lawsuit reached a stalemate in court.

Chelsea Lauren/Wireimage/Getty Images

According to The Blast, both parties were scheduled to appear in court on Monday, but Teairra failed to show up, due to a rare clerical error. The court issued the following explanation for the discordance: "through inadvertence and/or clerical error, the minute order of 04/22/2019 in the above-entitled action does not properly reflect the Court’s order."

While Teairra Mari's legal team scrambled to make sense of the mix-up, 50 Cent again, raised his hand in victory. Once the "bench warrant" was annulled, Mari took a couple of days of rest to regain her composure. By Wednesday she was back on the counteroffensive, condemning 50 Cent's unlawful business practices.

"Here is the real news: My Lawyers are all the way on point (the best), I never had an arrest warrant… and Spare Change never TRADEMARKED S**T.. he’s just trying to steal drip.. he needs it bad.. you see how this boy dress,” she remarked in the following Instagram posting. Neither side is any closer to reaching a moment of closure. Part of me believes both 50 Cent and Mari would much rather prolong this nightmare than seek a resolution.