A day after withstanding the worst case of betrayal imaginable, Teairra Marí is reaching to thank the many positive forces in her life. The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star had a sex video intended for personal use/viewing leaked by a person believed up to that point "was deserving of (her) love and trust." She concluded her statement by signifying that she indeed intends to pursue legal action (pursuit of justice) against her vengeful ex-lover. He has since been identified as Abdul Akbar-Ahad, a former NCAA collegiate baller who continues to deny any involvement in leaking the tape.

Teairra Marí has since posted a video message titled "From My Heart to Yours" on her Instagram page. In it she addresses the rough day that was May 9th 2018. She began by thanking all those who came to her defense in the last 24 hours for their "outpouring of love & support." Teairra confessed that she was in love up until the point she figured out she was on the wrong end of stick, the betrayal hitting her like a sudden shock to the system. The video ended as  Love & Hip Hop Hollywood co-star Milan Christopher joined her in exclaiming that she was surrounded by people that love her, and Instagram need not worry.