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Tdot Illdude Shines On "1 Away"

Tdot illdude - 1 Away (Prod. By Charlie Heat)

  Jan 03, 2018 17:52
Tdot Illdude drops off some minor key vibes on "1 Away."

Tdot Illdude recently dropped off his brand new mixtape, which features one of the lengthiest album titles in recent memory: The Last Illustration Of Tdot Illdue By Thomas Jude. The title suggests an almost literary quality to the project, especially when paired with the artwork; one might think we're about to take a journey into some serious art-rap territory. However, the New Jersey rapper keeps things relatively close to the trap stratosphere, opting for a dark, minor key banger from Charlie Heat; for some reason, many modern trap instrumentals tend to sound like twisted nursery rhymes, and I'm okay with that.

Tdot is an intriguing lyricist, spitting hilarious bars with casual swagger, like "give your wifey some underwear, n***a these are the wonder years." If you haven't yet checked out his surreal rap odyssey, hit the link above for a glimpse into the psyche of the enigma, Tdot Illdude. After all, from this point on, he'll be retiring the name and going by Thomas Jude.

Quotable Lyrics

Give your wifey some underwear
N***a these are the wonder years
I'm Durant in his Thunder years, 
All the pain and the fuckin' tears
But a victory's fuckin' near

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- Jan 3, 2018

fire !

amiqube quex
- Jan 3, 2018

Mahn this shiT is real

- Jan 3, 2018

Need more bars, less "we 1 away". shit would be so hot

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