This weekend, TDE executive Punch took to his Twitter to claim, "Cardi B is 2Pac," which confused many people as it was posted without any context. It was unclear whether or not Punch was praising Cardi's debut album Invasion Of Privacy or if he was trolling. Writing a guest editorial for DJ Booth, Punch took time to explain the motive behind the tweet and explain exactly what he meant by comparing the two.

While many were unsure of what prompted the post, Punch is unapologetic as he says that he can say whatever he wants on his Twitter account. Admittedly being much more familiar with Tupac than Cardi B, Punch writes that she embodies many of the same qualities that Tupac did. Speaking on why she is as big of a deal as she is, Punch claimed, "The biggest reason why Cardi is in the driver’s seat is that she employs the same winning honesty and self-deprecating attitude that Pac displayed throughout his career." Expanding on that thought, Punch elaborated that she owns every aspect of her life, much like Tupac did, writing, "She fully embodies this idea of being brutally honest so she can’t be hurt."

Whether or not you agree with Punch's assessment of Cardi B, it's difficult to deny that her impact is being felt at an all-time high following the release of her debut album. Read more of what Punch had to say at DJ Booth and let us know if you catch his drift in terms of the Pac comparison.