According to Los Angeles rapper Janky Of YLSTE, he is currently working on a contract with Top Dawg Entertainment that would make him the most recent addition to their stellar roster.

Last night, the rapper posted a few updates on Twitter, which forced some to research exactly what was going down, confirming that he could be the next member of TDE.

"I’m in the studio with Kendrick Lamar shit brazy," wrote Janky on Twitter. "I’m glad TDE found me no bap. I deserve all this shit."

While anybody could easily be lying about something like this, Janky popped up in a picture with Kendrick in the studio, backing up his claims. The pic was reposted by Hiii-power, which has become a pretty reliable source for TDE rumors and news.

"Yea we working on it," said Janky to a fan who asked if he will be joining Top Dawg as the latest signee. Once again, we're just going off of his word but, for right now, it looks like this could be based on the truth.

We'll keep an eye on this for any developments moving forward. We have reached out to TDE's representatives and, so far, we have not heard back.

Do you think Janky Of YLSTE makes a good addition to the label?