Scott Storch has been in the hip hop game for over two decades. Since 1993, he's been laying down his signature sound with everybody from The Roots, whom he started his career with, to Dr. Dre to Gucci Mane. He may have filed for bankruptcy last year, but hopefully the guy will have royalty checks coming in for his work on singles like "Still D.R.E.," "Candy Shop," and "Shutterbug."

Storch was brought back into the headlines last month when it came out that he was being sued by a couple of real estate bigwigs who fronted him some money following his bankruptcy. To be fair, he also recently produced Rick Ross' "Sorry," which features great keyboard work from the production vet. Through the ups and downs, Storch continues to be a prominent member of the hip hop community, and today we throw it back to some of his classic cuts.