Kid Cudi has a record coming out tomorrow called Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven, and apparently it's almost completely void of rap music. While we obviously respect Cudi's artistic decision to do whatever the fuck he desires, we like to remember Cudi back in his mixtape prime. He was a brainy oddball, known for taking non-rap sounds and bringing them into the hip hop world. His debut mixtape, 2008's A Kid Named Cudi, was heralded for doing just that.

The mixtape launched the career of one of modern hip hop's biggest names, even to this day frankly. He's still headlining festivals and selling out reasonably sized venues with his music. Today we wanted to throw it back to where it all started. Here are some of the most memorable cuts from his (very) brief mixtape run, really, we could have thrown the entire A Kid Named Cudi tape up here without skipping any tracks, but we slimmed the list 10.