Kendrick Lamar has captured the attention of all of us with his studio albums. Section.80 broke him into the mainstream, good kid, m.A.A.d city established him as a hip hop heavy-hitter, and To Pimp A Butterfly put him at the top. However, like most great artists, Kendrick struggled for years to get to the point he's currently at.

K-Dot, the name Kendrick released music under before Kendrick Lamar, released his first mixtape in 2003. Titled Y.H.N.I.C. (Hub City Threat: Minor of the Year), it hardly made any waves in the industry. Training Day came in 2005, No Sleep 'Til NYC came in 2007, C4 in 2009, and Overly Dedicated in 2010. The five mixtapes released in his first seven years as a recording artist helped to set the stage for the Top Dawg we know today. Today we dive into that early material as a part of our Throwback Thursday segment.