Love him or hate him, Gucci Mane has been one of the most polarizing members of the rap scene for the past 10 years. With dozens and dozens of albums and mixtapes under his belt, you're better off loving him, because he's always giving his fans new music.

Atlanta rap has been dominating the culture, and Gucci Mane is like the godfather of that whole scene. Young Thug recently got a face tattoo in his honor for crying out loud (still unsure if that tatt is 100% real though). The #freegucci tag on Instagram alone has over 100,000 posts. The guy is doing something right.

That something can be boiled down into something simple: he makes trap bangers. Lots of them. Today we're throwin' it back to some of our favorites in honor of the one and only Gucci Mane. BURR!