Ghostface Killah goes by many names: Ghostdini, Iron Man, Tony Starks, Pretty Tone and any slang-derivative of 'em is pretty much fair game. Despite the identity crisis, Ghost has always been reliable for putting out quality music.

The Staten Island MC, whose real name is Dennis Coles, is well-known for his witty slang and impeccable story-telling, all of which has weathered two decades of prolific output.

While he only put out one solo album in the '90s, Ghostface kept busy by collaborating with the rest of the Clan members. Obviously no one can understate his role in the legendary Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, as he played right-hand-man to Raekwon on the Purple Tape.

Ghostface kept sort of quiet around the turn of the century. He served a 6 month prison sentence for a gun charge and went to Africa with the RZA, where lots of lyrics were written for Supreme Clientele, Ghost's 2000 sophomore solo release. The bid and spiritual journey through Africa were obviously the best thing for the God, as he has released quality albums quite often ever since.

With 36 Seasons hitting stores a couple days ago, we felt it was only right to revisit some of Ghost's best verses from the 90s.