Eric B. & Rakim had a short 7 years and 4 albums of pure influence before disbanding in 1993. Widely regarded as one of the best duos in rap history, the two didn't release many songs that your favorite rapper didn't like.

Rakim, who is considered to be an elite MC still to the this day, linked up with Eric B. through a mutual friend. The two got in touch and started borrowing records from Rakim's older brother that would be used as the samples of the golden era. Rakim's laid-back flow was revolutionary and his skill-set was unmatched, creating a breakthrough appeal in the hip-hop and African American communities.

The New York duo created their debut, landmark album Paid In Full in just one week, citing the short studio time as a reason for the albums straight-to-the-point vibe.

In their later years, Eric B. & Rakim expanded on that style, revolutionized the way rappers rap, the way beats are sampled and the way hip-hop is perceived as an art form. There is no doubt in anyone's mind, both rappers and critics alike, that hip-hop would not be the same if it weren't for Eric B. & Rakim.

They have influenced everyone by default, and so we're taking this Thursday to throw it back to some of our favorite Eric B. & Rakim jams that they released before disbanding over legal issues.