Before Busta Rhymes was jacked, he was skinny.

Before he was bald, he had dreadlocks.

Before he was collaborating with Lil Wayne, he was with the likes of Q-Tip and J Dilla.

Busta Rhymes has released 9 studio albums over his prolific career, and his earlier work is regarded as some of the best from the late 90s era of hip-hop. Albums like The Coming, When Disaster Strikes, ELE: The Final World Front & Anarchy helped to define the 90s hip-hop sound, and along with the help of one Hype Wililams, Busta Rhymes found his way in living rooms across America while TV stations like MTV and BET played his legendary music videos daily.

The true epitome of the audio/visual experience, these videos are still amongst the best you'll see. The VHS-like graininess amplifies that vintage feel, if the dreadlocks on Busta Rhymes wasn't enough nostalgia for you for one day. Let's take a look at 10 classic, early Busta Rhymes cuts.