When's the last time you heard it like this? You may still bump Pusha T on the daily (No Malice too, no shade there), but there was something extremely special about the chemistry between Push and his brother No Malice. Taking that one level deeper, the chemistry between those two bros and The Neptunes was equally undeniable. Together, the quartet composed some of the most iconic songs from the early 00s era of rap. Cuts like "Grindin'," "When the Last Time," and "Popular Demand (Popeyes)" continue to bless sound-systems across the country. 

Clipse's Lord Willin' became somewhat of a cult classic back in the day. That enthusiasm has followed Pusha T into the current chapter of his career, where he manages to jungle the presidency of G.O.O.D. Music and consistently putting out dope music. Today we take a look back at the music of Virginia's illest rap duo. We're mainly looking at their singles today, but we're throwing in some non-singles for good measure. Really though, you should just go back and listen to all three of their albums from start to finish.