Aaliyah Dana Haughton passed away on August 25, 2001, and her legacy still lives on a decade and a half later. She has influenced countless artists, from Drake to Rihanna, with her fantastic body of work. Championed by the likes of Timbaland and Missy Elliott, she had a couple of R&B chart-topping singles before scoring her first #1 album with Aaliyah, released just a month before her tragic death.

As one of the most influential R&B artists of the '90s, Aaliyah released three albums between 1994 and 2001. A couple of posthumous compilations came in the years following her passing, but they didn't fill the void left by what could've been. How many classic records was the world robbed of -- when Aaliyah was taken in the prime of her career? Regardless of the music we didn't get, one should never take for granted the incredible body of work she did leave upon the earth. To celebrate her life and legacy, we're throwin' this one back for Aaliyah.