You may know 50 Cent from a variety of movies. You may know him for his ventures in the businesses of boxing, energy drinks, or clothing. But if you're like us, you know him for his early 2000s rap bangers.

When Get Rich Or Die Tryin' hit the shelves of music stores in 2003, it seemed as if hip-hop had a new king. For a brief period of time, it did. Tracks like "In Da Club," and "21 Questions" were number one hits, and they helped to propel the album to the number one spot as well. 50 was king, no doubt.

In 2005, 50 dropped The Massacre, another number one album, and in 2007 he released Curtis. The latter was involved in a hyped up competition between 50 Cent and Kanye West, who released Graduation on the same day. Musically, 50 headed on a decline while Kanye jetted off into legendary status.

Taking the L to Mr. West doesn't negate the plenty of great cuts 50 Cent has dropped along the way, though. Today, we're throwing it back to Curtis Jackson's best tracks.