Drew Brees announced his retirement from the NFL on Sunday night and it was a decision that many expected. Brees has been getting up there in age and his play has declined as a result. Overall, this was the best decision for him and the Saints, who are now looking towards the future. In fact, the team has two quarterbacks waiting in the wings, one of which being Taysom Hill, who is known for being a guy who can fill every position.

Yesterday, the Saints gave Hill a four-year, $140 million contract, which led to a massive uproar on Twitter. Of course, $35 million per year for a guy who is unproven is pretty ridiculous although as Adam Schefter pointed out, the deal is voidable which means it simply helps out the Saints cap in the short term. If Hill doesn't live up to the extension, they can simply void it at any time.

These sneaky contracts have become popular as of late, so it should be no surprise that the Saints tried to do the same thing with Hill. Moving forward, Hill will have some heft expectations, especially now that he'll have to compete with the likes of Jameis Winston.

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Taysom Hill

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