Taylor Lewan is considered to be one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL which is a concept reflected by his five-year, $80 million contract. Unfortunately for Lewan, it appears as though he has failed a drug test and will have to miss the first four games of the Tennessee Titans season. Lewan got ahead of the report today when he posted an emotional Twitter video talking about what had just occurred. In the video, Lewan says he failed the test and that the drugs he had no idea he had put the banned substance in his body. The offensive linemen even took a polygraph test to prove his innocence.


"I've never taken anything that would cheat the game. I'm so sorry to the Tennessee Titans," Lewan said. "I'm sorry to the Titans, to the fans, that I won't be there for four games. I've never cheated myself and I never want you guys to feel cheated. And I'm sorry. But I'm going to be better for this. I'm going to come back. I got my supplements tested by a third party and I'll release that polygraph. ... I'll do whatever I can to prove that I've never done anything wrong in regards to supplements or taking anything knowingly."

If the suspension stands, the Titans will surely be at a huge disadvantage heading into the season.