Taylor Bennett shouldn't be forced into a conversation about his sexuality at every corner, but so far he's handled the ignorant commentary with grace. Following the birth of his first child, Taylor Bennett was forced into that conversation yet again, because Tweeters couldn't put two and two together, all on their own. By the sheer force of the turnout on Twitter, it's become apparent that people are still largely uncomfortable with the notion of a queer person having a child and by that token a "normal" life.

To put thing's in perspective, Taylor Bennett made an issue of his LGBTQ status, becauser he wanted to create inroads for the community. "I do recognize myself as a bisexual male & do & have always openly supported the gay community & will keep doing so in 2017,” he tweeted last year, along with an annotated definition of the term LGBTQ (for educational purposes).

As soon as he dropped the "precious gift of life" on Twitter he was met with ignorance. The ensuing round of "aren't you bisexual?" would have been reason enough to step "offline," but a dutiful Taylor Bennett has made it his mission, to educate the masses on the subject. And on another note, it's easy to why the birth of first child would put him in the best of moods - enough to bear the ignorance of Internet trolls for the umpteenth time. Congrats on going halfsies on your first child, Mr. Bennett!