Tay-K has one of the most unfortunate stories in hip-hop's modern history. The rapper was on the brink of superstardom, hitting it big with his infectious record "The Race". After he started seeing a lick of success in the music industry, the full story behind the song was revealed.

The track was recorded and released while Tay-K was a fugitive from the police, escaping house arrest and dashing away from the cops before his murder trial began. "Fuck a beat, I was tryna beat a case/But I ain’t beat that case, bitch I did the race," raps the young Taymor McIntyre on the song, who was later convicted and sentenced to 55-years in prison.

The record is somewhat of a cult classic, and it shows fans what Tay-K could have become in the music industry. Unfortunately, his legacy has been rewritten by his crimes, and now, even the evidence that he was a star-in-the-making appears to be whittling away.

As reported by No Jumper, "The Race" has been removed from YouTube suddenly. The video was at over 200 million views. The page that was hosting it, Buffet Boys, has also been taken down, and affiliates Pouya and Fat Nick say that they're working to get it back up and running.

"They flagged our channel for nudity," revealed Pouya. "We're getting it back," said Fat Nick.

If you were trying to rock out to some Tay-K on YouTube, you'll need to hold off for a bit.