Tay-K remains in prison for the 2016 murder of Ethan Walker and other crimes. The rapper insists on his not guilty plea while his associates have opted to take plea deals. His mental health is being questioned following the circulation of a jailhouse photo. The image shows Tay-K holding a prison phone receiver to his ear while wearing a red jumpsuit. This particular smock is usually worn by inmates who are labeled as being a threat to their own lives. Prisoners who display signs of suicidal tendencies are made to wear these smocks in order to keep them visibly identifiable.

His manager commented on the image after his client's following expressed concern for the entertainer's wellbeing. Ezra Averill took to social media to dispell claims pertaining to the anti-suicide attire. "That picture is over 7 months old. Tay is not suicidal," the teenager wrote in his IG stories. "He did that to get out of the solitary confinement he's been in for close to two years." It is unclear which actions were posed by the artist to earn his liberation from solitude.

"Crazy the extremes you have to take it just to be treated humanely in a f*cked up situation," he concluded.