Tay-K's entire career as a rapper has been surrounded by his legal issues. The #FreeTayK movement has been in full effect despite the charges against him. Earlier this month, two of his accomplices agreed to testify against him and the other co-defendants after striking a plea deal. Now, another accomplice of Tay-K's has pleaded guilty to murder.

Tay-K's accomplice, Sean Robinson, pleaded guilty earlier today (Aug. 30th) to the murder of Ethan Walker, Star-Telegram reports. Robinson was originally charged with capital murder but pleaded guilty to murder in exchange for a 40-year prison sentence. He's already received credit for time served in prison but he's now have to serve 18 years before he's eligible for parole.

Robinson's attorney, Wes Ball, said that he also devastated by the "tragic destruction" of lives from the home invasion that left Ethan Walker dead.

"Ethan Walker senselessly lost his life,” Ball said.  “Mr. Robinson wasn’t the shooter, of course, but a very bright, young man with probably a great future if he’d applied himself in the right way. He lost his way, got with some people, and got involved in this offense and therefore his life gets destroyed. It’s just a terrible, sad thing all the way around.”

Things haven't been great for Tay-K, overall. The rapper caught another felony charge earlier this month after he was allegedly caught with a phone inside of the jail. A little less than a week later, he shared a photo of himself on Instagram from what appeared to be a cell phone.