Tay-K's currently spending 23 hours a day in a solitary cell after he was allegedly caught trying to hide a cell phone, but his legal troubles seemed to get a bit more complicated. One of Tay-K's accomplices in the home invasion that left a man dead has struck a deal with the prosecutors and will now testify against Tay-K and two other co-defendants.

According to Star-Telegram, Ariana Bharrat, Tay-K's accomplice, made a deal with the prosecutors to get the capital murder charge waived. If she testifies truthfully, she'll be able plead guilty to aggravated robbery in exchange for a 25 year sentence. 

Prosecutors also struck a similar deal with another one of the suspects, Megan Holt. If Holt testifies truthfully against her co-defendants, Tay-K, Sean Robinson and Jalen Bell, she will be allowed to plead guilty to aggravated robbery in exchange for a 20-year sentence.

Neither deals that Holt Or Bharrat struck with the prosecutors will be finalized until the trials of the other suspects in the case.

Tay-K hasn't been able to enjoy the success of his career due to the numerous legal troubles he faces. Despite this, there's been a handful of song's that his team's released or he's featured on that have gained traction since "The Race." Earlier this year, No Jumper launched their label by releasing the single, "Hard" with Tay-K and BlocBoy JB.