These days, Tay Keith's producer tag has come to trigger  a Pavlovian sense of excitement. Coming off releases like BlocBoy JB & Drake's "Look Alive," Drake's "Nonstop," and Travis Scott & Drake's "Sicko Mode," it's no wonder the young Memphis beatmaker is becoming a household name. From the look of it, Keith has become one of Drizzy's trusted contributors, leading to three top-five charting singles in 2018 alone. Now, Tay Keith has hit up the LA Leakers to reflect on the road thus far.

Introducing him as the "hottest producer in the world," the LA Leakers set the tone by listing off his various accolades. Keith smiles, reflecting on his breakout year. "Everything I did wasn't planned out," explains Keith. "It was just hard work. That's the number one tip I can give anybody. Stay consistent. Stay consistent with your craft." Clearly, he can add leadership qualities to his repertoire. Seeing as he's currently still in school, Tay's daily breakdown may feel different from the average successful producer. "I wake up, go to Chic-Fil-A, go to class, be in class for a lil minute, go to the crib and chill, go back to class," he says, solidifying himself as hip-hop's biggest schoolboy since Murphy Lee.

He also proceeds to talk Drake, explaining that Drizzy helped unite a divided Memphis. Now, Keith reflects that local artists see his and Blocboy's success, and feel inspired rather than envious. "It's a blessing," says Keith. "It carried on to what Drake did for me. I'm blessing my family now. Bloc blessing his family. There no more struggling."

There you have it. Watch Keith's interview now, and be sure to peep our own conversation with the producer here.