Today is Tay-K's twentieth birthday and, unfortunately, he's spending it behind bars. The rapper was sentenced to fifty-five years in prison on murder charges. His family and fans have been begging the justice system to reconsider his sentence. This month, Tay-K even used the current Black Lives Matter protest surge to lay out another attempt at freedom.

On his birthday, the rapper shared a series of wishes and photos on social media, linking his closest supporters to the latest pictures of him locked up.

In a couple of new images, the twenty-year-old man wears a face mask, seemingly smiling big behind it. The second picture is clearer, showing him on the phone with a grin.

Tay-K is reportedly only available for parole after he serves over twenty-seven years. Then, his sentence will be reconsidered and potentially lightened. Fans of the artist are celebrating him today, praising what could have been and blaming the justice system for Tay's treatment.

In a recent message, Tay spoke on systemic racism. 

"Our Black Lives Matter. Stop Systemic Oppression. Coming from a black kid that’s been trapped in this cycle since 4 years old," he wrote. "My dad got locked up leading to my mom losing custody of me and my sister. I’ve had to live foster home to foster home until I was 13 when my my dad got released from prison and got granted custody of us. Due to a toxic home environment me and my sister were forced to leave home at an early age of 15 being labeled as a runaway, I had to engage in activities I’m not proud of in order to make ends meet. These are the cards that I was dealt, And my question today is....did i ever even have a chance ? We don’t get chances."