Over the weekend, a new photo of Tay-K in prison started circulating online. Many of his fans noticed his attire, pointing out that he was wearing a red jumpsuit. Usually, smocks of this color are given to inmates that are on suicide watch so naturally, people started to worry about Tay-K. Despite a good amount of evidence pointing to his involvement in the murder of Ethan Walker, he still has a large number of people supporting him, wishing for his release from prison. Tay-K's manager spoke to the rumors, saying that his client is not actually being monitored closely for fear that he may kill himself. He was just rocking a red jumpsuit. After all the commotion, Tay-K decided to rile up his audience even further by announcing some big news to his fans.

"I'm finna write a book in this hoe," wrote the rapper on Twitter. We're still trying to figure out how he keeps posting on social media. It appears as though he's got access to a cell phone. Considering the fact that he's already gotten extra time added to his name for having a phone, it's probably not a good idea for him to continue tweeting. Alas, here we are and Tay-K is writing a book behind bars. 

Kodak Blackmade a similar claim when he was locked up last year. Perhaps Tay will have more time to publish his best work. Would you be interested in reading his story?