Tay-K - 22 Shots

  August 17, 2017 08:34
22 Shots
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Tay-K comes through with another joint, but can he top "The Race?"

Born in the LBC, but based in East Arlington, up and coming rapper Tay-K has been the reaping the benefit of social media promotion. It also begs an interesting question - at what point do you separate the artist from their creation? Since his breakout single "The Race" dropped, Tay-K has been yet another divisive figure in a sea of emerging (and equally divisive) Soundcloud rappers. While some might argue that his crime-riddled narrative is a main contributor to his musical success, the reality is that Tay-K's music has been racking in plays as a result.

We'll have to wait and see whether "The Race" was simply an aberration, or if Tay's artistic endeavors are enough to ensure a long and successful career. His new song,"22 Shots," is paired with a menacing cover in which Tay K aims a gun at our collective faces. It's clear that the young rapper shows no signs of repenting for his gangster ways, but rather embraces them. And why not? The majority of his lyrical content would fall into the "gangsta rap" category, with threats riddling nearly every line. 

Still, don't write off Tay-K as a mere wave-rider. While it seems as if he's still finding his voice as an artist, he does show the occasional glimmer of clever lyricism - "make him spin with that choppa, that's ballet" - and proves capable of riding the beat with a solid, if not remarkable flow. Honestly, the track is solid for what it is, and there's an undeniable rawness about it. Partly because of the low-fi production and mixing, and partly because Tay-K's backstory is so unforgiving. Either way, the verdict is still out on whether or not his music has any ultimate lasting power.

What say you? Is this guy somebody you'd be interested in following, or do you feel like he's simply a "now" rapper? If you want more answers, check out our "Who Is Tay-K" feature.

Quotable Lyrics

I'm on Beltway and i'm eating Fish fillet
Juggin and Finessing at very young age
Tryna check me close that mouth on your face
22 Shot nigga only chose to pay
Make em spin with that choppa that's ballet

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