From behind bars, Taxstone graced Nicki Minaj's Queen Radio with his presence in the most recent episode. No stranger to the podcasting/radio realm, the Tax Season host, currently incarcerated on charges for the murder of Ronald "Banga" McPhatter, called into Nicki's radio show on Beats 1 to discuss hip-hop and all it brings in 2018.

On the topic of Nicki Minaj, Tax actually made reference to the backlash that she caught for working with Tekashi 6ix9ineont the duo's "FEFE" collaboration in light of the New York rapper's history with the law, namely his guilty plea to performing sex acts with a minor.

Tax interestingly defended Nicki, citing people like R. Kelly who was not short on collaborators even after his own trial for similar circumstances.

"I was watching some of the shit that was going on with you when they was attacking you 'cause you was working with Tekashi," Tax notes. "I really didn't understand it, 'cause I felt like, people was working with R. Kelly right after allegations came out. Tapes came out with him having sex with young women and nobody was bashing on dudes that was working with R. Kelly."

He goes on to reason, "So how could you come at somebody for working with Tekashi when he's talking about the same shit that every other rappers is? You know what I mean? I felt like it was a lot of people exercising certain rules only with certain people. Flexible principles and bendable morals--I'm not really from that. I'm from a land where you keep it solid all the time and you consistent with your criticisms and whatever it might be."