Despite being currently incarcerated in connection to the death of Roger McPhatter, Taxstone has been continuously putting in work on the podcast circuit. His "Tax Season: Behind Bars" podcast has been steadily picking up steam, with many still tuning in for Tax's take on current events. Some of his fans and affiliates have been all the more vocal in their support, and any perceived disrespect will be met in kind -- tenfold. Case in point, Star Brim's vitriolic rant at Noreaga, after he hosted Troy Ave on his wildly popular Drink Champs podcast. 

Though both Star and NORE felt some type of way about that particular situation, Taxstone addressed matters with a more level-headed approach. While his most recent episode of Tax Season featured a wealth of material, his IG page singled out the NORE section for your perusal. "N***a, at the end of the day it's the industry," says Tax, when asked about Nore hosting Troy. "Nobody cares about you! Nore don't need me right now, so I don't expect him to care."

"When people don't need you no more, you're useless you understand? It's not wrong, I understand human beings. You're useless, they don't need you. It's common sense. [Nore] need [Troy Ave] more than me right now. He can come on his show and give him a little publicity, give the show some good ratings or whatever. I understand it, go get your bread, I ain't mad at nobody." If you're curious about how all of this popped off to begin with, be sure to check out the Troy Ave and Noreaga conversation from September. How do you feel about Tax's response?