Tasha Smith is not here for it! The Empire actress was leaving Chelsea Studios in New York City earlier today and stopped outside to take photos with fans. Before she was able to hop in her car, a cameraman stopped her to ask her a few questions. The conversation between Smith and the man started off awkwardly as she playfully teased him about his eyebrows, but things took a downturn when he wanted to know her thoughts on her co-star Jussie Smollett.

According to TMZ, Smith, who plays Smollett's aunt on Empire, was one of a few co-stars who deleted social media posts supporting Smollett after he was arrested on charges that he staged his attack. The TMZ reporter asks, "I have to ask you a question, you know, you pulled your support of Jussie when evidence started piling up..." That was all he was able to get out because Smith snapped back, "Now why you asking people that?"

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

"That's like me asking you about some s**t with your family," Smith continued. "So what's your problem with your family? Let's talk about your mama and your daddy and your brother and your sister. I don't even know why y'all be trying me like that!" The TMZ reporter replied, "You know I gotta do my job." Smith responded, "Don't do your job."

That didn't stop the reporter from pressing Smith to acknowledge his initial question as she made her way to her awaiting vehicle through a crowd of adoring fans. Smith wanted to make sure she didn't leave without answering him so she said, "The answer you got is kiss my black ass! That's your answer!" The crowd reacted with "oohs" and the reporter laughed as he told the actress that he still loved her, to which she said she shared the sentiment. "I love you, too...with you pretty ass eyebrows."