When Offset laid down his guest verse on YFN Lucci's "Boss Life," it's a safe bet that he didn't see a controversy coming. However, the Migos rapper caught some fire for the lyric "I cannot vibe with queers," which led to a rare statement from the rapper himself. While he denied any homophobia, many were quick to attack the rapper, prompting his girlfriend Cardi B to wade in and defend him. While the Twitter-sphere are more likely to Tweet first, ask questions later, it appears that Offset actually has plenty of support within the musical community, including RnB singer Tank.

TMZ recently caught up with the Savage singer, who firmly believed that the controversy was a little misguided. Shaking his head, he states "queer is used for so many things. A lot of times in the rap game they refer to guys who aren't cool or are hating or doing whatever - like, they're queers. Not in the sense of their sexuality. It's completely separate from that." He continues his defense of Offset, saying "he's smart enough as a kid not to even go that route...They just grabbing at something to be mad about." A veritable thesis statement about internet culture. 

"I been watching people take things out of context all week," chuckles Tank. When asked if Offset should change the lyric, Tank stands by it. "As a man, you stand by how you feel. Ultimately, people have to understand where you're coming from too. It's not just one sided, where you have to hear what I'm saying and make adjustments based on that....Where's the respect for that?"